Sunday, November 11, 2012


 I was  browsing through YouTube, searching for new Filipino music videos (dahil super hindi na ako updated sa mga pinakikinggan ng mga KABATAAN ngayon... charing!), when I was brought to this Music Video by Gloc 9 and Ebe Dancel.  After watching it, I was like... WHOAH!  This is so absolutely brave of them. Brave, I mean making a song in the first person point of view.  I've heard of bands sing of songs  dedicated to  gay people (The Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, etc).  Pero parating kwento ng ibang tao.  But this time ang bading mismo nagke-kwento.  And I think it was done with class.  ;) 

Could Have, Would Have

In the last 12 months, I have dated a couple of guys and I liked a handful of them.  I mean, ok na sana, may konting hindi lang ako gusto sa kanila. Definitely they're all above 30, smell good, Oral Boys (ahaha), nice and financially stable so swak na swak in those departments.

One guy I dated is from Pasig and it's like 2,000 miles away from Alabang, riiiight?  (Bongga... MILES pa talaga nagamit ko instead of KILOMETERS).  Well, the traffic from here to there makes it really far anyway.  Plus he's super tall and I'm not comfortable hanging out with tall guys for an obvious reason, riiiiiiight?

And then there's this guy from Makati who's so involved with his business, I dont think he can find time for me.  Naks.  assuming naman akez!  Sayang, he's cute pa naman.  And Makati is still not Alabang, riiiiiight? Ok fine.  Hindi ako matyagang mag drive.  Ako na!  LOL.  And then there's this guy from Dasmariñas Cavite who's only 30 minutes away from alabang and I really believe we connected somehow but for some reason, maybe I was too lazy to, we didn't keep in touch.   Just occasional hellos and flirtings tapos yun na.   I liked several other guys too but I'm just too lazy to make  kwento about them.

And now I learn that all of these men that I dated and actually liked are now in a relationship.  Nope, I'm not bitter.  I'm just wondering paano kung sinagot ko sila.  Magiging ok kaya ako?  Or another cycle of "in love" tapos "steady" tapos "bored" tapos yun na.  Especially this Cavite guy who I still think about.  And for once I'm going to admit that I'm peanut butter and jealous of them. Ahaha!  :-)

Don't get me wrong. The past year of single blessedness was good.  I met new friends from my area and I've kept up my friendship with the nice guys.  There are still good people on Grindr, ya know.  LOL!  I have feelings for 2 friends but it's nothing serious or psychotic (LOL!) and I'm afraid to let them know.   Keri lang.  No big deal.   I'm not desperate naman to get into a relationship.

So fuck, what am I driving at?

I guess my point lang is, yes, I'm jealous.  And I'm wishing the boy from Cavite pursued me.  And  shit, I still don't know if I can handle another commitent.  I'm just always wishing for good thoughts.


Sabaw utak ko maaaaan.

Friday, November 9, 2012


And because I have to make tipid, I've decided not to renew my membership with Gold's Gym na muna and try to work out at my condo habang wala pang umuupa sa unit ko.  Ok naman sana.  But sometimes, because I don't have a trainer, tinatamad akong mag workout…. like NOW.  I was at the gym last wednesday.  Tapos lousy pa workout ko kasi nag walkout ako't ang ingay ng mga matrona sa gym.  I jogged last tuesday and yesterday.  So dapat workout ulit ngayon pero NOKOKOTOMODDDDDDDD.  Actually tinatamad lang ako mag pack, mag drive, at pumunta sa condo.  But I think I'll workout at home na lang.  Floor exercises.  Ganung chuva.  May TRX na ako pero di ko pa nagagamit kasi hindi ko ma hook sa door kasi hindi ko abot kasi kulang ako ng 7 inches para maging 6-footer, riiiiiiiiight? 

And how am I gonna keep my weight down kung ganito lagi ang nakakain ko for MERIENDA.  LOL!!! 

I swear, ang hirap magpa-payat. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump Day

You know how you don't want some weekends to end? Last weekend was one of them. It wasn't a "oh, i had a blast weekend" sort of thing. It was just that I was away from home and for at least 24 hours I was happy.

A neighbor, S, invited me and another neighbor J (fellow Alabang beckies) to Hamilo Coast. It was a cool place. But I can't imagine my Mom getting a membership dahil hindi naman yun interested sa beach at takot yun sa araw. Plus, the place is reeeeally faaaaaaar.


Terrazas de Punta Fuego looks better tho. LOL.

Anyway, chill lang kami. For a long weekend, wala gaanong hot and cute. Almost zero, kaloka. May nakita nga akong isang group ng mga PLU, eh hardcore effem naman. Tapos na EB ko pala dati yung isa sa kanila (one of my EB fails, FYI). LOL!!!

Okay, I laughed.

We napped on the beach... ate, swam and buti may dala akong portable speaker, we played music. I didn't take a lot of pictures. Nakakatamad, eh. But it was a chill weekend indeed. And everytime I accidentally scratch my sunburn, I'm reminded of it. Ahaha ahaha.

Before heading home nung Sunday we hung out at Tagaytay for some Bulalo goodness. Late lunch at 3PM.

I'm looking forward to this weekend as well. My friend, V, from Singapore will be taking a quick Manila visit and I'm going to see him together with other friends. Kailangang masulit ang weekend.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ghost Fighter

Bumenta sa akin, in fairness.  LOL.