Sunday, November 11, 2012


 I was  browsing through YouTube, searching for new Filipino music videos (dahil super hindi na ako updated sa mga pinakikinggan ng mga KABATAAN ngayon... charing!), when I was brought to this Music Video by Gloc 9 and Ebe Dancel.  After watching it, I was like... WHOAH!  This is so absolutely brave of them. Brave, I mean making a song in the first person point of view.  I've heard of bands sing of songs  dedicated to  gay people (The Eraserheads, Parokya ni Edgar, etc).  Pero parating kwento ng ibang tao.  But this time ang bading mismo nagke-kwento.  And I think it was done with class.  ;) 

Could Have, Would Have

In the last 12 months, I have dated a couple of guys and I liked a handful of them.  I mean, ok na sana, may konting hindi lang ako gusto sa kanila. Definitely they're all above 30, smell good, Oral Boys (ahaha), nice and financially stable so swak na swak in those departments.

One guy I dated is from Pasig and it's like 2,000 miles away from Alabang, riiiight?  (Bongga... MILES pa talaga nagamit ko instead of KILOMETERS).  Well, the traffic from here to there makes it really far anyway.  Plus he's super tall and I'm not comfortable hanging out with tall guys for an obvious reason, riiiiiiight?

And then there's this guy from Makati who's so involved with his business, I dont think he can find time for me.  Naks.  assuming naman akez!  Sayang, he's cute pa naman.  And Makati is still not Alabang, riiiiiight? Ok fine.  Hindi ako matyagang mag drive.  Ako na!  LOL.  And then there's this guy from Dasmariñas Cavite who's only 30 minutes away from alabang and I really believe we connected somehow but for some reason, maybe I was too lazy to, we didn't keep in touch.   Just occasional hellos and flirtings tapos yun na.   I liked several other guys too but I'm just too lazy to make  kwento about them.

And now I learn that all of these men that I dated and actually liked are now in a relationship.  Nope, I'm not bitter.  I'm just wondering paano kung sinagot ko sila.  Magiging ok kaya ako?  Or another cycle of "in love" tapos "steady" tapos "bored" tapos yun na.  Especially this Cavite guy who I still think about.  And for once I'm going to admit that I'm peanut butter and jealous of them. Ahaha!  :-)

Don't get me wrong. The past year of single blessedness was good.  I met new friends from my area and I've kept up my friendship with the nice guys.  There are still good people on Grindr, ya know.  LOL!  I have feelings for 2 friends but it's nothing serious or psychotic (LOL!) and I'm afraid to let them know.   Keri lang.  No big deal.   I'm not desperate naman to get into a relationship.

So fuck, what am I driving at?

I guess my point lang is, yes, I'm jealous.  And I'm wishing the boy from Cavite pursued me.  And  shit, I still don't know if I can handle another commitent.  I'm just always wishing for good thoughts.


Sabaw utak ko maaaaan.

Friday, November 9, 2012


And because I have to make tipid, I've decided not to renew my membership with Gold's Gym na muna and try to work out at my condo habang wala pang umuupa sa unit ko.  Ok naman sana.  But sometimes, because I don't have a trainer, tinatamad akong mag workout…. like NOW.  I was at the gym last wednesday.  Tapos lousy pa workout ko kasi nag walkout ako't ang ingay ng mga matrona sa gym.  I jogged last tuesday and yesterday.  So dapat workout ulit ngayon pero NOKOKOTOMODDDDDDDD.  Actually tinatamad lang ako mag pack, mag drive, at pumunta sa condo.  But I think I'll workout at home na lang.  Floor exercises.  Ganung chuva.  May TRX na ako pero di ko pa nagagamit kasi hindi ko ma hook sa door kasi hindi ko abot kasi kulang ako ng 7 inches para maging 6-footer, riiiiiiiiight? 

And how am I gonna keep my weight down kung ganito lagi ang nakakain ko for MERIENDA.  LOL!!! 

I swear, ang hirap magpa-payat. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump Day

You know how you don't want some weekends to end? Last weekend was one of them. It wasn't a "oh, i had a blast weekend" sort of thing. It was just that I was away from home and for at least 24 hours I was happy.

A neighbor, S, invited me and another neighbor J (fellow Alabang beckies) to Hamilo Coast. It was a cool place. But I can't imagine my Mom getting a membership dahil hindi naman yun interested sa beach at takot yun sa araw. Plus, the place is reeeeally faaaaaaar.


Terrazas de Punta Fuego looks better tho. LOL.

Anyway, chill lang kami. For a long weekend, wala gaanong hot and cute. Almost zero, kaloka. May nakita nga akong isang group ng mga PLU, eh hardcore effem naman. Tapos na EB ko pala dati yung isa sa kanila (one of my EB fails, FYI). LOL!!!

Okay, I laughed.

We napped on the beach... ate, swam and buti may dala akong portable speaker, we played music. I didn't take a lot of pictures. Nakakatamad, eh. But it was a chill weekend indeed. And everytime I accidentally scratch my sunburn, I'm reminded of it. Ahaha ahaha.

Before heading home nung Sunday we hung out at Tagaytay for some Bulalo goodness. Late lunch at 3PM.

I'm looking forward to this weekend as well. My friend, V, from Singapore will be taking a quick Manila visit and I'm going to see him together with other friends. Kailangang masulit ang weekend.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Ghost Fighter

Bumenta sa akin, in fairness.  LOL. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Just playing with iMovie.  Here's my kitty!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meet Torrent

Hey. I got a new kitty!  Just last Monday.  And I named her Torrent.  So modern ng name, right?  Riiiiight??  Aba teka, di ako sure talaga kung pechay itong nakuha ko.  Di na ako naniniwala sa mga seller.  LOL!  Si Mimi Sue kasi dati akala ng ex ko babae.  Noong lumaki, lumaki din ang betlog.  Anyway, she's a cutie.  I still have to train her how to use the litter box.  On her first night, she made a mess on my fabulous bathroom floors.  I placed newpapers over the spot that she dumped on, success sa newspaper.  I don't understand why she's afraid of her litter box.  Or at least doon sa litter sand. A website suggested that I put a handful of sand on a shallow container.  Ang ginawa ko naman (pasaway kasi) I placed a newspaper on the litter box.  Aba, success.  It worked.  She crapped twice on the paper pa.  Then I tried putting a handful of sand sa newspaper.  She still dumped on the paper inside the litter box.  Great.   I tried putting her on top of the sand again to see if she's confortable na with the sand.  Kaloka, napraning pa rin.  Kala mo kakatayin.  I next covered half of her litter box with the newspaper and waited for her to take a dump.  Wala, ayaw talaga.  She still dumped on the newspaper part.  But I could see na she's gesturing to cover her mess with sand like what cats normally do.  Eh wala namang sand yung newspaper kasi ayaw nga niya.  Gaga siya, right? 

Oh anyway.  Heto nanaman ang pag-aalaga sa bagong kuting.  Sana matuto na siyang gumamit ng sand sa litter box soon dahil mukhang mauubusan ako nito ng diaryo. 

Ngapala, Torrent is a 3-month old Himalayan cat. 

Yon lang. =)

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Too much!  That's what I can say about Diablo 3.  LOL!  I'm not the best player out there.  I'm not even good.  Pero I'm kinda addicted to it.  "Kinda"  because I can controll myself naman.  Addicted because sometimes I prioritize it first before doing my home work.  But anyway, I'm enjoying it.  I've been playing it since it came out a few months ago.  Puro babae characters ko at minsan mabenta naman sa ibang online players lalo na sa mga chekwa at hapones abroad dahil akala nila babae talaga ako kaya they give me gifts like armors or weapons.    But I have been playing too much of D3 that I almost lost my social life.  Social life, yes, may ganyang factor.  Pati sex life, nag disappear.  Muntik  ko na nakalimutan kung ano ang itsura ng titing matigas. 


Pero alam mo kung anong nakakatuwa pa sa Diablo?  Ang daming beckies na naglalaro!  One is a neighbor na bagets na kung isa din sana siyang Martial Law baby, pinatulan ko na.  Well, I've added some chatters from Grindr as friends at minsan, kung nagkakatyempo, we play together online.  Girlpower ang  peg.  Award. 

But lately, for about 3 weekends now, and as a blessing from God na rin siguro (naks), my friends have been inviting me to hang out.  Whether if it's just for coffee, movie, dinner or orgy. ECHOS sa orgy!

Hay nako. Natutuyo ang aking flower. HENIWEY, like last night, 2 friends invited me to watch Bona in QC.  I'm glad they did because I enjoyed the play.  Everyone acted very well.  I was inpressed with the male lead dahil kahit na bata pa siya, marunong siyang umarte.  Siguradong siguradong sigurado akong hindi siya GMA talent. LOL!!! And of course Ms. Eugene Domingo was at her best.  Comedy-drama naman pala ang version niya so na-appreciate ko naman siya nang bonggang-bongga.  

I'm staying home for the rest of the afternoon today.  Home alone.  So baka... Baka lang  naman maglaro na lang ako ng D3.  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tag-Ulan Na Talaga!

At heto nanaman ang tag-ulan. Sarap sana kung walang work. Eh sorry na lang akez. Kailangang kumayod at magbenta ng laman.


May mga nakakamiss sa panahong ito. Isa na doon yung may kasama sa kwarto habang umuulan sa labas. Yung tipong nasa kama lang kayo, nagkekwentuhan, nagyayakapan, naglalandian, naghihimasan ng itlog. Sasabihin niya sa iyo, "didilaan na kita sa pototoy." Sasagot ka naman ng "I love you na talagahhhh!"

It has been a year and 3 days na single ako. Yes powz, naka isang taon na akong malaya. Sa totoo lang, ok lang ako. Ok na ok, actually. Don't get me wrong. Wala akong sinusumpang ex. Pwera na lang doon sa psycho ex ko from 10 years ago. Hay nako. Mental note, 'wag na 'wag pumatol sa mga may lahing jejemon. Anyways. I had a good 3 years and a half with my recent ex. And it was a mutual break up so walang drama. Ako pa! I hate dramas. Pero I guess I'm built for singlehood. Emotionally independent kumbaga.

After a year of singlehood, I'm not looking for a relationship. Pero kapag may dumating naman, keri lang. Idaan na muna sa date-date lang tapos kapag may something-something, go for glory, go for gold.

I actually like someone. Taga cavite. Met him through Grindr (at tinanong ko pa talaga kung naka iPhone 4 siya or iTouch ha!). May stable job, kotche at hindi jeje so pasok na pasok siya sa banga. Pero hindi naman yata siya ganun ka interested sa akin kaya ayan nagda-date na lang kami online habang pumapatay ng mga monsters sa Diablo 3 (level 58 na demon hunter ko 'teh!). Pero I'll see pa kung magkaka progress ito. Sana ligawan na niya ako kasi... Nakakamiss nga din ang may kahimas ng itlog. LOL!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Selling my White MacBook (early 2008)

Yep. That's right. I'm selling my MacBook. Reason for selling?  I bought a new Windows Asus laptop just for my gaming needs.  LOL. Matagal din ang pinagsamahan namin ng MacBook na ito and it has been a very good gadget for me.  For editing pictures, editing videos and when I was still active in blogging.  I'm ready to let it go para mapakinabangan naman ng iba. 

Macbook 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo (early 2008)
2GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM
Intel GMA X3100 144MB
Upgraded to Mac OS X Lion
13-inch Screen, 2008, White body
160 GB Hard Drive
Super Drive
Ethernet port
FireWire  port
Two USB 2.0 ports
Built-in AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi wireless networking
Built-in Bluetooth
60W MagSafe Power Adapter

OS X Leopard DVD Installers, Unit upgraded to OS X Lion

Will re-format to OS X  Lion before delivery of unit

I live and work in the Alabang area. Willing to meet up in Paranaque (in or around BF Homes), Las Pinas, Alabang.  

Php 22,000

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lucky Pup

More than a week ago, my Mom picked up a street pup while she was visiting her newly built rest house in Pansol Laguna.  The story is yung aso ng caretaker ng kapitbahay nila doon na nganak ng mga puppies (malamang!) pero mukhang nalahian ng may pedigree.  So yung mga puppies lumabas na cute.  I think 6 na puppies yun pero nung nakita ng Mom ko tatlo na langang natitira at yung isa binibigay na sa Mom ko kasi wala naman daw mag-aalaga.  So dahil sa na-kyutan naman doon sa puppy, my Mom took home the pup. 

The pup looked weird in a cute way.  She has puffy hair with a huge black spot on each eye and a mark on her left lip.  And she has a bunny’s tail! Normally, mongrel pups are cute only when they’re young.  Sana paglaki niya, cute pa rin siya.  And oh, it’s a girl puppy.  We named her Lucky.  Kasi naman di ba from the streets of Pansol Laguna, alabanger puppy na siya ngayon.  I was suppose to bring her to the vet this afternoon for her anti-rabies shot but I forgot about it.  Maybe this Saturday na lang. 

Mabuti na rin na there’s another dog sa house.  At least Big Boy gets to exercise.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Goodbyes

A good friend of mine will move to Singapore soon and it kinda leaves me feeling a bit sad about it.  Seriously, I’m happy for him.  Mas malaki sweldo doon and we have friends who also work there kaya I’m sure we wouldn’t feel home sick that much.  Mag e-enjoy pa siya doon.  Pero nalulungkot lang ako na unti-unti nawawala ang barkada ko.  Two months ago, one left for Australia.  Last year, dalawa na ang nauna sa Singapore.  And I hear my other friends are also thinking of working in Singapore.  Naiisip ko lang na baka isang araw ako na lang ang naiwan dito sa Pilipinas.  Di ko rin naman sila masisisi.  They want better paying jobs. Whereas ako somewhat satisfied na ako dito. Although frankly, imbyerna ang Gobyerno dito.

Mami-miss ko lang talaga sila kung karamihan sa kanila mawala.  I guess that’s just it.  Alam mo yung mga matatandang magkakaibigan na magugulo kapag nagkakasama?  Heto yung kami, yung younger version. 

Well, nagpapasalamat na rin ako sa Diyos na nabiyayaan niya ako ng mga mabubuting kaibigan.  Sana dumami pa sila.  And this is me being positive. =)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hindi Ako Natawa

Nalibugan ako!  Ang cute niya!  =)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Si Kulet

I spent the rest of my afternoon with Big Boy.  Wala naman.  We just played in the garden.  Ah, well, actually, siya lang pala ang nag-laro.  I had my DSLR with me.  Took pictures and video clips and this is what I came up with.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Saturday night, dapat magkikita kami ni T after my dinner with folks for our usual weekend hangout time. We even agreed on what time to meet up in ATC.

“Is 9PM good enough?”

“That’s great.”

“See you later Phil.”

But then at the middle of our dinner, I received a message from Gucci Boy.

“Hey Phil. Free to meet later at 10? I can bring a bottle of wine at your place.”

Gucci Boy is my condo neighbor and I kinda have the hots for him ever since I met him 2 months ago. Di ko siya ina-ambisyon dahil sushal-sushalan siya.  Kaya ayun, pangarap na lang siya. Pero him bringing wine to my place and finishing the whole bottle with me? ALAM NA! I must be a horrible person ditching my friend for a booty call pero ‘teh, crush ko na ang gusto pumatol sa akin. Bago pa siya matauhan, uunahan ko na siya! LOL!

Ang word for the weekend ay FEVERISH.

“Sorry T, I can’t meet up with you later. I need to rest. Feeling feverish. Coffee tomorrow instead?”

Feverish. Ganyan.

Pagkatapos kumain, nagmadali akong pumunta sa condo para maligo (kuskos dito, kuskos doon), magpabago, magpaganda nang bongga at mag-trim (hihihihi) pero dapat yung look ko pagkadating niya parang relaxed lang na tipong “o, kamusta? Nagmamadali ka yata. Nagbabasa lang dito ng libro. Take your time pare.” Chot.

* Ding-Dong

10pm. Right on the dot. And as what he said, bitbit ang makasalanang red wine at DVD ng Frozen. Walaaaaang kwentang movie ang Frozen. ‘Wag niyo na lang panoorin. At yun nga ang ginawa namin. Habang tumatakbo ang DVD, nagchi-chikahan lang kami. Conversations in the middle of the night over red wine. Ang sushal-sushal lang.

A bottle of wine, a bag of pistacios, isang katerbang kalandian and half a dozen bottles of beer later, we couldn’t think of anything more to talk about.

“Can we go to your bed and rest for a while?”

Tumango naman akez with a touch of love, just a touch-a luv. Nagpalpitate ang puso ko at sumisigaw na KEMBANG-KEMBANG-KEMBANG. I led him to my bedroom and as soon as we were inside, hindi ko alam kung anong nanyari. Para bang sinaniban kami ng masasaya, este, masasamang espiritu (hihihihi). Hinila niya ako sa kanya. Hinalikan niya ako na para bang walang bukas. Sinipsip niya ako na parang kuhol. LOL. Niyakap niya ako nang mahigpig na parang pokpok na may tunay at wagas na pag-ibig pero pokpok pa rin. Parang Gretchen lang naman. HAYYYYLAVETTE! Sumisigaw ang kaluluwa ko na BASTUSIN MO AKO! BASTUSIN MO AKO YOU MADDER PAKKER! Hinubad ko T-Shirt niya. Hinubad niya T-shirt ko. Hinubad ko shorts niya. Hinubad niya shorts ko. Hinubad ko briefs niya. Hinubad niya panty ko.


Naglaplapan kami sa ere hanggang sa bumagsak kami sa kama. Ang saya-saya talagang malasing. Dinaganan ko siya. Hinalikan sa mukha. Dinilaan sa dibdib. Tumuloy pababa. Hanggang sa makita ko ang hubad na katotohanan. Biglang nag voice over si Ricky Reyes: “Hong lohkiiii. Hong Smooooth. Hong gondohhhh.”   All out performance hanggang sa mapagod na ang esophagus ko.  CHOT.  Naloka ako na parang Emily Rose hanggang sa wala na akong maalaala. Basta kabog. YUN NA!

Pagkagising ko sa umaga, parang nag-zoom out yung camera mula sa mukha ko tulad ng music video ni Whitney Houston sa “I Will Always Love You.” Tumingin ako sa kaliwa ko. Tulog si Gucci Boy. Napakanta ako ng “You Give Good Love.” In memoriam kumbaga kay Ate Whitney. Ganyan. Napa-smile ako. Napa-giggle ako. Nag-zoom in ang camera sa bote ng alak sa living room.

Red Wine. It’s more fun in the Philippines.

Fade out.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ang Silver Lining

Hindi ko maintindihan ang tubig sa gym.  Hirap timplahin.  It’s either hot, or hot-hot.  At kung minsan hot-hot-hot.  Luto na ang itlog ko, kaloka.  Lagi ko nang ugali na mag-suot ng underwear bago sumugod sa locker room pagkatapos mag-shower.  One reason is shy akong mag-bomba in front of other guys na hindi ko kilala.  Another is I haven’t mastered the art of putting on my underwear habang suot ang towel sa waist.  Parang isang malaking effort sa akin. 

Lumabas ako sa shower cubicle na naka-towel kahit na may underwear naman because I’m a dalagang Filipina just like that.  And yesterday I was wearing a pair of boxer briefs, which I can admit to myself, looks hot on me.  Ok, medyo mayabang ang sinabi ko pero at least hindi ako jubes na nagpapanggap na borta hindi tulad ng iba diyannnnnnn. 

Napulot ko lang sa internet ang picture na 'to.


May isang slim na tisoy ang naka-occupy sa tabi ng locker ko.  I’ve seen him a couple of times sa workout area.  Sometimes with another mestizo guy who’s beefier and looks a little older.  Maybe my age (pucha inamin ko din.  Wagi).  Feeling ko he was looking at me as I took off my towel and put on my jeans and shirt.  But I never turned around (*sing* “every now and then I get a  little bit lonely and you're never coming around…. Oooooh…”)  to confirm it.  And shy-shy ko lang, shyet. 

After dinner, ayan na, I went online on Grindr.   Wala lang.  Maghahanap ng friend.  Echos.  I changed my profile pic from a scenery in Coron to a smiling pic of myself.  I’m not gwapo naman pero I know I have a nice smile.  Salamat sa limang taon kong pagdudusa sa braces noong bagets pa ako.  So ayun, daming nakikipag chat bigla sa akin.  Award.  Medyo choosy-choosy.  Blocked na ang mga junjun.  Blocked din ang mga sobrang tangkad (LOL!!!) dahil you know, di ko ma-reach.   Blocked ang mga bantay bata levels.   Blocked din ang may opening line na “hello poh.”  So natira ang mga chosen few.  LOL.  I chatted with this guy with no pic but was decent to talk to.  I mean, I could sense that he’s very well educated, nice and all.  After 1 hour (mahabang usapan, I know), he sent his pic.  It was the guy na katabi ko sa locker room earlier!  Kaloka.  I sent him mine.  He instantly recognized me.  And yes, he was watching me as I dressed up.  LOL!  I asked him about the other mestizo guy.  The beefier one.  That’s his partner pala.  Akala ko kapatid niya because magkamukha sila.  At heto pa.  He showed my picture to his partner and he says he sees me at the gym too.  A few minutes later he asked me if I’m interested to have fun with them.




Putong ama.  Dalawang coño ang nagimbita sa akin na makipag dyug sa kanila.  Pahiram nga ng razor at humaba ang hair ko… sa kili-kili.  Anobeh! Tumambling ang bahay bata ko.  Para lang naman akong asian slave boy.  LOL!

Sorry, but I turned down the  offer.  Why?  Tonginoh.  Ayokong duguin sa doble penetration.  Mahirap na.  LOL.  Kinilig pa rin ako kasi interested sila sa akin.  It kinda made me feel good about myself.  You know.  May alindog pa rin ang lola mo.  And I guess my training at the gym  is giving me results. 

So, next time na makita ko ‘tong dalawang tisoy sa sauna, ALAM NA!  Chot.  Ipaghehele ko sila ng awiting Paru-Parong Bukid dahil ako’y... isang... Dalagang... Filipina.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Welcome To The Jungle!

nakita ko sa Facebook kahapon.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bagong Taon Na!!!!!




Parang autistic lang.

Kaloka.  Dinatnan na ako ng Chinese New Year at pumasok na ang February, wala pa rin ako nasusulat dito.  LOL.  So ano nga ba ang pinagkaka-abalahan ko nitong nakaraang 4 months.  HU-WELL.  Nakalipat na ako sa condo ko.  Mid December pa.  Nope, wala ito sa Makati or the Global City or kahit man sa hada city of Eastwood.  Sa Alabang lang naman ang condo ko.  At hindi ako dito 100% na nakatira dahil ang mga gamit ko sa trabaho nakapako na sa family balerrr.  Mga 3 times a week ako dito natutulog. Plus 1 day kung may hada. 


Ang effect lang naman ng pagkakaroon ng sariling lugar ko ay naging official tambayan na din ng mga kaibigan ko ang place ko.  Fine with me.  At least di na kami mag-iisip kung saan pwedeng tumambay kapag weekend dahil pwede naman sa akin.  Bring your own beer lang ang kyeme, solb na ang mga becky. 

Heto nga pala ang view mula sa balcony ko kapag gabi.

Kuha ko ito noong December 31 bago nagputukan ng mga fireworks. Wala nang ibang putukan ang naganap.  Sad.  :(  Char.

This year, ambisyon kong matutong magluto.  Kahit konti lang.  Last week nagluto ako ng spaghetti gamit ang fresh ingredients.  Ginawang midnight snack ng mga kaibigan ko.  Wala namang natigok sa kanila kaya I guess pwede na. 

Last weekend, bukod pa sa paborito kong over-cooked spam (yung medyo malutong at golden na) for Sunday breakfast, wala akong nailuto kasi tinamad akong mag grocery.  LOL!


Wala na ako ma-chika.  Kaya video na lang muna ni Big Boy ang ending ko.